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  2. OS: The beginning (and possibly the end) of the discussion
  3. Three Very Important Features For Microsoft's New Surface Laptop 3
  4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Rumors, Release Date, Price and What We Want

Wiley: Singapore, Interfacial modification of organic photovoltaic devices by molecular self-organization. Phys Chem Chem Phys. Inkjet printing of single-crystal films. Patternable solution-crystallized organic transistors with high charge carrier mobility. Osaka I, Takimiya K. Backbone orientation in semiconducting polymers.

Effect of donor—acceptor molecular orientation on charge photogeneration in organic solar cells. NPG Asia Mater.

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End-functionalized polymers. Synthesis and characterization of perfluoroalkyl-terminated polymers via chlorosilane derivatives. Surface modification of polymers by blending siloxane block copolymers. Surface segregation studies of fluorine-containing diblock copolymers. Synthesis of novel well-defined chain-end- and in-chain-functionalized polystyrenes with one, two, three, and four perfluorooctyl groups and their surface characterization. Surface characterization of linear low-density polyethylene films modified with fluorinated additives.


Koberstein JT. Molecular design of functional polymer surfaces. The outermost atomic layer of thin films of fluorinated polymethacrylates. Perfluoroalkyl end-functionalized oligoesters: correlation between wettability and end-group segregation. Studies of surface segregation and surface properties of n -pentylperfluorooctaneamide end-capped semicrystalline poly butylene Isophthalate films.

Self-organized buffer layers in organic solar cells. Surface-segregated monolayers: a new type of ordered monolayer for surface modification of organic semiconductors. J Am Chem Soc. Optical anisotropy and strong H-aggregation of poly 3-alkylthiophene in a surface monolayer. Macromol Rapid Commun.

OS: The beginning (and possibly the end) of the discussion

Chem Mater. Effects of a side chain sequence on surface segregation of regioregular poly 3-alkylthiophene and interfacial modification of bilayer organic photovoltaic devices. J Mater Chem A.

  • The Corporation: Growth, Diversification and Mergers: Volume 1;
  • Under the Surface.
  • All-day battery life, incredible graphics.

Synthesis and characterization of end-functionalized poly 3-butylthiophene with semifluoroalkyl chains. Macromol Chem Phys. End-on orientation of semiconducting polymers in thin films induced by surface segregation of fluoroalkyl chains. Crystallization and polymorphism of organic semiconductor in thin film induced by surface segregated monolayers. Sci Rep. Synthesis of poly 3-butylthiophene with trisiloxane end group and its surface segregation behavior in thin films. J Photopolym Sci Technol. Self-assembled monolayers of thiolates on metals as a form of nanotechnology.

Ryan Amador - On The Surface (Audio)

Chem Rev. Surface functionalization of organic semiconductor films by segregated monolayers. Controlling surface segregation of a polymer to display carboxy groups on an outermost surface using perfluoroacyl groups. Enhanced vertical carrier mobility in poly 3-alkylthiophene thin films sandwiched between self-assembled monolayers and surface-segregated layers.

Chem Commun. Effects of chain orientation in self-organized buffer layers based on poly 3-alkylthiophene s for organic photovoltaics. Formation of cathode buffer layer by surface segregation of fluoroalkyl-modified ZnO for polymer solar cells. RSC Adv. Self-organized hole transport layers based on polythiophene diblock copolymers for inverted organic solar cells with high efficiency.

Buffer layer formation in organic photovoltaic cells by self-organization of poly dimethylsiloxane s. Org Electron. High-efficiency silicon solar cells. Mechanisms for spontaneous generation of interlayers in organic solar cells. Interlayers self-generated by additive-metal interactions in organic electronic devices.

Three Very Important Features For Microsoft's New Surface Laptop 3

Self-assembly of interfacial and photoactive layers via one-step solution processing for efficient inverted organic solar cells. Nakano K, Tajima K. Organic planar heterojunctions: from models for interfaces in bulk heterojunctions to high-performance solar cells. The Surface Pro 7 might actually see a redesign of the keyboard. A Dutch blog called Windows United discovered a patent that indicates that the Type Cover could be thinner than it is right now, which may make it even more portable, but could affect the key travel. And we may even see a Surface Pro 7 with a Core i9 configuration, which would considerably raise the price.

That chip is said to be custom-made by Microsoft and will serve as a reference for other Windows laptop makers. The Surface Pro 6 has a That alone is excellent, so we're hoping the Surface Pro 7 delivers similar numbers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Rumors, Release Date, Price and What We Want

We would ideally like to see speeds above its category average, which is currently MBps. This would make the Surface Pro 7 a more appealing buy, especially for creatives and those looking to do a little light gaming. Thinner bezels : Every year bezels are getting thinner and thinner; it's time for the Surface to embrace the trend. We want some barely-there bezels on the Surface Pro 7, to make the system's gorgeous, He reviews every shape and form of a laptop as well as all sorts of cool tech.