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There were some early adopters and visionaries of this technology within the financial services sector. At that time, some banks wanted to use distributed ledgers to gain efficiency, simplify processes and address business, technical and regulatory challenges. Figure 1: Representation of the current blockchain architecture. This indeed, is a tricky choice, especially if the blockchain-based solution needs to be linked to other blockchains or integrated into complex business lines and legacy systems. The challenge is whether these will be compatible with one another.

This technical issue arises from the fact that the current blockchain environment is fragmented as there are several competing alternatives and still evolving blockchain architectures which complexity and lack of interoperability3 make it almost impossible for a business to select and rely on only one unique blockchain once and forever. From a practical point of view, this lack of compatibility results with decentralised applications DApps being single-ledger dependent. So once chosen a blockchain solution, the company will be locked-in. Under these circumstances, there is no appetite to invest a substantial amount of resources, time and effort to create technologies on a particular blockchain, only then be forced to migrate to another platform or be locked into that particular version.

The fact that DApps can run only on one blockchain network or one protocol at-a-time, also brings business and legal consequences. These means that any legal consequence of a business logic implemented and executed on a given network or protocol will only be effective only within the community of peers taking part in that precise network. In a simplified example, this means that the change of property of a digitised asset X from user A to user B in the Bitcoin network will not be effective and recognised by the users of other networks like e.

This example can be extended to a plethora of other business cases. To better understand the problem of having single-ledger DApps, Figure 1 represents the main buckets of a blockchain system: the protocol, the network and the application. The protocol is characterised by thesoftware architecture that defines the set of rules and codes to be followed in order to allow the system to work e.

The network is related instead to the peer-to-peer transaction layer which defines the set of nodes and connection rules the players must follow to run the protocol. It is important to mention, now that more than one blockchain network can sit on top of the same protocol. An example of this would be the Ethereum testnet and main net networks both running under the same Ethereum protocol.

The final layer is that one that defines the business logic: the application layer. In the future, the users of a blockchain-based service will focus exclusively on this layer and will not need to care about the fact that the service run on a blockchain system. The problem of single-chain DApps, lack of interoperability between blockchains, as well as between blockchains and existing networks and enterprise systems is the major paint point of current blockchain development and adoption.

While there has been tremendous progress in the blockchain ecosystem around use cases, pilot projects and new emerging platforms, interoperability across applications, platforms, and infrastructure still remains elusive. If interoperability between applications that sit on different networks built on the same protocol cross-application interoperability is somehow difficult to achieve, the interoperability between applications that sit on different protocols cross-platform interoperability still remains a mirage.

We see the adoption of this technology as the catalyst that accelerated the growth and possibilities of the internet we all know and love today. By doing so, Overledger enables developers to build what we call multi-chain application MApps : DApps that seamlessly run the same business logic across different blockchain networks and protocols. See Figure 2.

Figure 2: Representation of the current blockchain architecture and the role of Overledger in enabling MApps Transaction Layer. This layer stores transactions that are appended, stored or queued on the ledgers. It includes all the operations that are needed to reach the consensus in different blockchain domains in this representation, we simplified this by putting all those operations in only one layer.

Principles of Identification and Classification. Therefore, this layer is represented by different and isolated ledgers. Messaging Layer. This is a logical layer because all the relevant information is retrieved from the ledgers. Information can be transaction data, smart contract or metadata if the underlying ledgers can add arbitrary strings on transactions. In the particular case of metadata, the added strings are typically the digest of outof- chain messages that can be interpreted as the payload in this logical layer.

One of the main challenges of creating a truly scalable, interoperable DLT system that is flexible enough to be adopted for different technological uses is to be able to handle the large amounts of data involved. To that end we have created an adaptable messaging system that has the capability to handle large amounts of data across multiple nodes. The messaging system we have created utilises standard technologies which can be easily integrated into existing systems. This will standardise the back-end technology required to build truly internet scalable applications.

Filtering and Ordering Layer. This layer is responsible for creating connections among different messages that were built in the Messaging Layer. In this layer, messages are extracted and built from the transaction information. Only those messages that are referenced in the transaction through a hash that is exchanged out of the chain are filtered and ordered.

In the case of metadata, this is the layer in charge of the validation of out of chain messages. The validation checks the application schema and its requirements. Application requirements can be of any type and can also concern particular fields of transaction data. Therefore, applications can exist that only consider messages that move a certain amount of coins to a specific address as valid. Figure 3: Scheme that represents the role of the Verification Block To order the blockchain transactions which are of interest for an application, the application scans the ledgers involved and places transaction hashes which are compliant to the Applications Blockchain Programming Interface BPI into a Virtual Block, called Verification Block: our cross-DLT ordering solution see Figure 3.

For instance, if the application commits a block to the wrong side of a fork and that particular fork is not accepted as part of the consensus mechanism, our Verification Block can detect and prompt the application to take action. Application Layer. Messages can update the state of their application. Different applications can share same messages or can refer to messages of another application.


The Performance of Local Government in East Germany

The message references are the unique hash pointer to the transaction in the ledger that contains the digest of the messages. The hash pointer is basically a pointer to the place where some cryptographic hash of the information is stored. It is an identifier that can be used to uniquely select a transaction and to verify that it has not changed.

The Overledger solution addresses four parameters of system interoperability see Table 1 : 1. This relates to the type of transport infrastructure adopted by the DLT systems and legacy systems. If the transport facets do not align, then a protocol to convert and transfer the signals is needed. Data Syntactic. This regards the similarity of data syntax between systems.

If the syntactic facets do not align, then some form of data syntax conversion is needed. Data Semantic. This characteristic relates to data structure and its meaning. If the semantic facets between systems do not align, then new data model would need to be implemented but this is generally very difficult to achieve. Behavioural Semantic. This relates to how a system reacts when data is exchanged with another system.

We have used our know-how, having previously worked within enterprise and government, to build technology that can be easily adopted whilst providing the enormous benefits of scalability, resilience and flexibility when working with blockchains. We are developing a blockchain program interface BPI : a set of routines, data structures, protocols, and tools for building MApps capable to communicate with different blockchains. Basically, our BPI will make it easier for developers to program applications that can run on any type of blockchain protocol and network.

Developer support is available in the form of a software development kit, Overledger SDK, providing documentation and tools needed to build software based on the Quant BPI and associated Overledger interfaces. In this way, Quant Network empowers enterprises to de-risk their blockchain investments, easily use multiple blockchains and focus their attention and energy on creating true MApps.

These methods will give the opportunity to interface with other lower level functions of the ledgers in question without the need for detailed knowledge of the Op-codes or scripting methods of the ledgers in question.

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They will also give the ability to interface with our architectural services. The use of the SDK will accelerate the DLT application development cycle, in a safe and predictable manner, thereby setting DLT technologies free to deliver their promise as a paradigm-shifting technology. The BPI acts as the key which helps any Overledger application to identify which blocks are part of the application being developed, the rules around using the application and how to interpret the data presented in the identified block.

Multi-ledger applications which want to use Overledger will need to define two sets of mandatory and optional rules. This approach will mean that Overledger blocks will be readily identified within the DLT involved allowing for multiple applications to be used on the same OR across other DLTs. The outcome will be to maximising market penetration through community adoption of the technology whilst taking away the incentive to copy the technology.

We have identified four main revenue streams that will be pursued by Quant Network. This would run counter to the creation of a development community and Quant ecosystem creating a limited uptake of the technology which is not in-line with our vision. We are proposing to foster innovation by directly incentivise developers by creating an App Store model.

By allowing the wide-use of Overledger through open-source we can encourage developers by sharing income within the applications created. For these applications the usage charge can be set to zero for the transaction. However, it will be a prerequisite that the client utilising the application holds a minimum number of QNT tokens in order to access the platform and use the solution.

The Quant App Store is planned to be launched in Q1 to provide developers the opportunity to create and publish MApps, and then charge for their applications. But they can pay to get access to an additional set of features. In this model, users pay once to download the MApp and use all of its functionality. No additional charges will apply. In this model, users are able to download the MApp for free or at a cost but are charged when they use in-app functionality.

Developers independently decide how much to charge for their apps the users. A separate payment processor like PayPal will be used to help facilitate payments. The QNT token will be used to access the network through the Quant App Store as well as being used to be tie into identity. Quant Network will provide all the resources and guidelines to help developers publishing their MApp in the Quant App Store.

We will review every MApp submitted based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria. Technical Implications. The implication of the proposed Quant App Store model is that we need to set a mechanism to charge for data processed within a Overledger MApp. This would be in addition to the transaction fees required by the underlying blockchains on which the transaction is taking place. It is also suggested to further reduce the release of applications outside of the Quant network that certain libraries or functions are obfuscated in such a way that any application has to be submitted to Quant to finalise for release.

Quant will produce sector-specific technology and solutions that are unique to that sector and industry and will help organisations and Governments to navigate through the complexities of the new distributed hyperconnected economy. We facilitate understanding of the business benefits and potential return on investment. We are aiming to create client-specific and sector-specific blockchain solutions that help solve challenges unique to clients and to the sector. Financial Services - We are exploring areas in capital markets, retail, stock exchanges, asset management and regulatory technology RegTech to help simplify complex processes and realise benefits.

Healthcare - Exploring opportunities in healthcare interoperability, clinical trials and counterfeit drugs. Supply chain - Looking at providing interoperability between different suppliers across a complex supply chain, providence and tracking. Government - Exploring the opportunities for Governments to realise benefits, identify savings and efficiencies, reduce errors and provide transparency. We have been working on developing a fingerprint verification technology. We have conceptualised, developed and patented a fingerprinting and verification technology called TrustTagTM , that allows developers to assign digital fingerprints to real world IP, documents, physical goods, etc.

This technology is fully adaptable to meet our requirement to create fingerprints that can be used on underlying DLTs as set out in our white paper. This technology will revolutionise the use of blockchain across sectors, having the ability to assign a true identity to a physical item such as contracts, pharmaceutical products, designer goods or to data assets that will lead to the wholesale adoption of DLT technologies, setting it on the path to realise its full potential.

To that end, and to show our commitment to the community, we will be releasing this technology first along with the underlying framework free to the community.

This content requires Flash.

It is our aim to provide interfaces to standard data structures starting with the simpler file interfaces but moving on to cover most standard database standards. By producing these plugins for different data sources, we will simplify the process of creating integrated DLT applications, thereby opening up use cases for existing and legacy data assets. Op Code are the low-level list of all Script words, also known as opcodes, commands, or functions used to interact with the DLTs in question.

Whilst some opcodes may be similar in nature not all opcodes will be present across ledgers. It is our intention to map these opcodes and to make methods available to developers to call where applicable in a standardised fashion. We feel in doing this we will simplify development across DLTs, freeing developers to use standard interfaces to multiple blockchains reducing development time and costs. Quant will deliver smart blockchain solutions that will improve transparency, efficiency, longevity and trust in business processes via the consulting arm of the company.

Professional business blockchain frameworks hosted by the Quant platform will be provided to enterprises in order to help them applying multi-chain vendor-agnostic solutions. Quant blockchain consultants will help organisations plan their blockchain strategy to get the advantage of opportunities and avoid being disrupted.

Our team provides exceptional development services to build several robust Quant multi-chain applications. We are currently in the process of developing use cases to build enterprise applications that are truly decentralised, operating across multiple blockchains. Quant will not only create the framework of cross-chain Treaty Contracts to be part of Overledger but it will empower blockchains with an algorithmic constitution which supports legal frameworks in contractual agreements.

In fact, existing technological solutions that aims at solving the interoperability issue between blockchains and their governance model, are limited both in scope and design. The uniqueness of the Overledger OS is that it does not superimpose a new blockchain to connect other blockchains or connect them to other legacy systems. Our roadmap and strategy consist of expanding the scope of the patent to other jurisdictions in order to cover the various aspects of our technology. Tokenomics Quant will be launching a number of revenue streams aimed at striking the balance of providing the funds needed to help us further develop our technology whilst keeping an open platform upon which the whole community can benefit.

We believe that this business model will lead to the wholesale adoption of our framework see Section 4. To reach our goals, both we have been working on the digital platform project for more than a year with some modules already implemented see Section 6. See Quant Overledger - Release V0. If this is not reached - the money will be refunded to the participants. Allocation of QNT tokens to managers and staff: Managers and staff members will undergo a month vesting period after the end of crowdfunding.

Allocation of QNT tokens to participants: QNT tokens transfer will be restricted for security reasons for 2 months after the end of crowdfunding. All unredeemed tokens will be burned. Overview of important dates parameters. QNT tokens will be created during the crowd sale period. Total supply of QNT will be limited to the number of tokens created during the crowd sale period. No additional tokens will be created after the TGE. Its design follows the widely adopted token implementation standards. This allows token holders to easily store and manage their QNT tokens using existing solutions including ERCcompatible Ethereum wallets.

Quant project crowd sale and QNT token creation will take place using Ethereum smart contracts. The tokens will be dual-purposed, initially used for the token offering, then they will be used as an access token to connect and access the Quant network. We envisage the token keys will be embedded within specific applications that will use the Quant network to authenticate the user and authorise the use of aspects of the network and underlying blockchains.

Crowdfunding will finish when the specified end block is created or when the ICO hard cap is reached. Enterprise MApps plus Treaty contracts. As shown in Figure 6, the The With respect to cost centres, the use of the funds is allocated as indicated in Figure 7. Of course, these figures represent an estimation of the future allocation of funds that can be subject to variations according to the blockchain sector and general market conditions.

Figure 7: Allocation of funds by Year. Overledger operating system has been conceptualised. File 3 supporting EU patents. Applicability 1. Your continued use of the Quant Network Platform or your continued hold of the QNT Tokens, means that you accept any new or modified terms. Services 2. Quant Network empowers applications to functionacross multiple blockchains. Quant Network securely removes the barriers that prohibit communication across multiple blockchains. Quant Network has created an Overledger that sits on top of current and future blockchains providing a meta-gateway to existing networks to connect to blockchain and vice-versa.

Through the Overledger, Internet gets connected with the Blockchain. Quant Network has released a token QNT , which gives access to the Overledger framework for both developers and Users of the application. Quant Network does not allow the deposit, withdrawal or direct exchange of assets between Users of the service. Quant Network is not a market-maker. All purchase and disposal of crypto assets by Quant Network take place through its platform. The QNT Token 7. QNT Token does not have the legal qualification as a security, since it does not give any rights on dividends or interest. QNT Token is final and non-refundable.

QNT Token is not a share and does not give any right to participate in the general meetings of the Company. The purchase and use of QNT Token shall therefore not be done for speculative usage. Knowledge required Voluntary Know-your customer KYC There will be a KYC procedure that Users will have to perform within the Quant Network platform in order to contribute to the token sale and to accept that Quant Network can refuse any payment which is not compliant with the internal due diligence.

Where the User acts on behalf of a group of tokenbuyers then the User assumes full responsibility of identifying and verifying the token buyers in the group and ensured that none of the buyers are sanctioned by any jurisdiction or authority. The User further acknowledges that any politically exposed persons are identified, and appropriate due diligence performed.

Quant will accept no responsibility in this regard. Risks Acquiring and storing QNT Token involves various risks, in particular that Quant Network may not be able to further develop its platform. Therefore, and prior to acquiring QNT Token, any User should carefully consider the risks, costs, and benefits of acquiring QNT Token within the Token Sale, and, if necessary, obtain independent advice in this regard. Important Disclaimer They do not constitute or relate in any way nor should they be considered as an offering of securities in any jurisdiction.

This document does not constitute an offer or an invitation to sell shares, securities or rights belonging to QuantNetwork or any related or associated company. QNT Token will be used as a utility token and is not intended tobe used as an investment. The offering of QNT Token on a trading platform is done in order to access the Quant Network platform, purchase services related exclusively to the latter and not for speculative purposes.

Quant Network is an operative entity managing the Quant Network platform. Quant Network is not a financial intermediary according to Swiss Law and is not required to obtain any authorization for Anti Money Laundering purpose. Regulatory authorities are carefully scrutinizing businesses and operations associated to cryptocurrencies in the world.

In such case, any person undertaking to acquire QNT Token acknowledge and understand that neither Quant Network nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages caused by such changes. Quant Network will do its best to launch all of its operations and further develop the Quant Network platform. Depending on further potential developments of the Quant Network platform, other services may be released and offered to the Users. This is an open source IT protocol over which the Company has no rights or liability in terms of its development and operation.

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The token distribution mechanism will be controlled by a Smart Contract; this involves a computer program that can be executed on the Ethereum network or on another blockchain network that is compatible with the Smart Contract programming language. User acknowledge and understand therefore that Quant Network incl. QNT Token is based on the Ethereum protocol. Therefore, any malfunction, unplanned function or unexpected operation of the Ethereum protocol may cause the QNT Token network to malfunction or operate in a way that is not expected.

Representation and Warranties Intellectual Property Rights Quant Network, as well as its officers, directors, agents, joint ventures, employees, suppliers and advisors and anyone on its behalf, assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss raised from the Token sale, arising out of or related to the use of the Quant Network platform or any technical, interruption or malfunction of the Quant Network platform. The limitation of liability set out above shall not beapplicable in the event that Quant Network, or a Quant Network-employee, has caused the damage by intentional misconduct or by gross negligence.

Severability Applicable Law and Jurisdiction The arbitration panel shall consist of one arbitrator only. The seat of the arbitration shall be Zug, Switzerland. The arbitral proceedings shall be conducted in English. Zusammenfassung 3 2. Tokenomics 17 5. Das Potenzial von Blockchains ist scheinbar grenzenlos. Smart Cities weltweit, neue Industrien 4.

Overledger verbindet die Netzwerke der Welt mit Blockchains. Doch im Zuge der gewaltigen Expansion des Internets begannen mehr und mehr Netzwerke und Menschen, sich miteinander zu vernetzen, womit dieses Unterfangen immer komplexer wurde. Eine Schnittstelle entwickeln, um die Netzwerke der Welt mit mehreren Blockchains zu verbinden 2. Finanzdienstleistungen und neuen Blockchains schlagen 3. Seit dem Aufkommen von Blockchain-Technologie experimentieren Organisationen mit der Realisierbarkeit von Blockchain-Technologie, um deren Potenzial zu verstehen.

Abwicklung, Compliance etc. Abbildung 1: Darstellung der aktuellen Blockchain-Architektur. Die Herausforderung besteht darin, ob diese miteinander kompatibel sein werden. Ripple, wirksam ist und entsprechend nicht von deren Nutzern anerkannt wird. Konsensregeln, Datenstruktur, kryptografische Hashfunktionen etc. Siehe Abbildung 2. Daher wird diese Ebene in Form verschiedener und isolierter Ledger dargestellt. Dies ist eine logische Ebene, da alle relevanten Informationen von den Ledgern abgerufen werden. Filter- und Ordnungsebene. Auf dieser Ebene werden anhand der Transaktionsdaten Nachrichten extrahiert und erstellt.

So kann eine Anwendung z. Dies bezieht sich auf die Datenstruktur und deren Bedeutung. Hierbei geht es darum, wie ein System reagiert, wenn Daten mit einem anderen System ausgetauscht werden. Eine Regelliste kann u. Wir haben vor, auf folgende Weise Einnahmen zu erzielen: 4. Es wird ein separater Zahlungsabwickler wie PayPal genutzt werden, um Zahlungen zu erleichtern. Technische Implikationen. Wir werden uns insbesondere auf folgende Sektoren konzentrieren: 1. Wir arbeiten bereits seit einiger Zeit an der Entwicklung einer Fingerprint-Verifikationstechnologie.

Als Opcode wird die detaillierte Liste aller Skript-Begriffe, auch bekannt als Opcodes, Befehle oder Funktionen, bezeichnet, die verwendet werden, um mit den betreffenden DLTs zu interagieren. Wir beabsichtigen, ein Mapping dieser Opcodes zu erstellen und Entwicklern Methoden an die Hand zu geben, um diese wo zutreffend auf standardisierte Weise aufzurufen. Die Einzigartigkeit des Overledger OS besteht darin, dass es keine neue Blockchain auf andere Blockchains aufsetzt, um diese miteinander oder mit anderen Altsystemen zu verbinden.

Unsere Roadmap und Strategie sehen die Ausweitung des Geltungsbereichs des Patents auf weitere Gerichtsbarkeiten vor, um die diversen Aspekte unserer Technologie abzudecken. Alle unverkauften Token werden verbrannt. Die Token dienen einem doppelten Zweck, d. QNT-Token 16 Mio. QNT-Token 24, Mio. QNT-Token 31 Mio. Enterprise-MApps und Treaty Contracts. April Alle nicht verkauften Token werden verbrannt.

Token nicht erreicht wird, erfolgt die Token-Zuteilung z. Was Kostenstellen betrifft, so erfolgt die Zuweisung der Mittel wie in Abbildung 7 angegeben. Abbildung 7: Mittelzuweisung nach Jahr. Das Overledger-Betriebssystem wurde konzipiert. Anwendbarkeit 1. Dienstleistungen 2. Insbesondere betreibt Quant Network eine agnostische 4. Quant Network ist kein Market-Maker. Der QNT-Token 7. Erforderliche Kenntnisse Risiken Wichtiger Haftungsausschluss Dieses Dokument stellt kein Angebot oder eine Aufforderung zum Verkauf von Aktien, Wertpapieren oder Rechten dar, die sich im Besitz von Quant Network oder eines verbundenen oder angeschlossenen Unternehmens befinden.

Die Nutzer erkennen somit an und sind sich dessen bewusst, dass Quant Network inkl. Darstellung und Zusicherungen Geistige Eigentumsrechte Insofern als Urheber-, Marken- oder sonstige geistige Eigentumsrechte innerhalb der Quant Network-Plattform vorhanden sind, wie z. A fixed-layout ebook usually contains many images exactly positioned relative to text. Some good examples of fixed-layout are photo books, magazines and comics. Some good examples of reflowable ebooks are novels and chapter books.

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At present reflowable ebooks do not have an ISBN associated with them. Why are my images out of order? Images are stacked according to our natural reading order of left-to-right, top-to-bottom. We may share personal data with other third parties in connection with a corporate restructuring, sale or assignment of assets, merger, or divestiture of our company and affiliated companies. Where we share your personal data within our corporate group or with service providers, we will put in place contractual safeguards to ensure that your data is treated in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

When we share your data with an entity located outside of the European Union, we will put in place, in line with applicable legal requirements, appropriate safeguards to ensure that your data gets the same protection as it does here in the European Union.

the theory of ecology Manual

These measures may include entering into standard contractual clauses with the non-EU entities that receive your data. You have the right to request from us information about, including a copy of, the contractual safeguards we put in place to transfer personal data to a country that does not guarantee a level of data protection equivalent to that in the EU.

Rights Under the GDPR, and subject to limitations, you may have a right to request from us access, rectification, erasure, restriction and discontinuance of processing, and portability of your personal data and not to be subject to automated individual decision-making. You may, for example, request us to confirm whether we hold any personal data about you and, where applicable, request us to provide you with a copy of your personal data. If you gave us your consent, you have the right to withdraw it any time with effects to the future.

If we are processing your personal data based on our legitimate interest, you have the right to oppose our processing at any time with effects to the future. Requests to exercise your rights should be addressed to the contact information listed above. If, in spite of our best endeavors to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the data, incorrect information is stored, we will correct this information after receiving appropriate written instruction to do so.

Please contact us if you think that your personal data is not accurate, complete or up to date. If you consider that our processing of your personal data infringes applicable law, you may lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. We may delete personal data earlier either in whole or in part if we determine, in our sole discretion, that the same constitutes a violation of our Terms of Service, this Privacy Policy, or for any or no reason.

Data safety CMEP uses technical and organizational security measures to protect your data so as to prevent accidental or deliberate tampering, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Our security measures, such as for example data encryption, are regularly adapted and improved in line with technological developments. Links to websites of other providers Our website may contain links to websites of other providers. We ensure at the time of establishing the link that the directly linked pages are free of illegal content.

However, Columbus McKinnon has no influence whatsoever on the content of the linked pages and is unable to monitor these pages on a regular basis. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for the content of the linked pages which have been changed since the creation of the link.

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Kissing, 3. Unter seiner Leitung wurden zahlreiche herausragende Projekte realisiert. Erweitert wurde seine Verantwortung in als Leiter Technik und Vertrieb. After my graduation, I worked as a forwarding agent for three years — before my Alternative Civilian Service, which involved working with blind people. A month before that ended, I submitted applications for two job offers.

My application got temporarily lost and was delivered three weeks late — and fortunately, I got the job. It was with Bally Europe… SN: I joined the gaming industry by chance, during my university studies, when I was supposed to arrange an internship suitable for my major Industrial Management studies.

I had always wanted to enter a business sphere, where art and technology co-exist in perfect synergy, delivering excitement and emotions to end-users. Thus, when I started my internship, I realised that the gaming industry was what I was looking for and committed all my efforts, time and strategy to develop myself as an expert… Three years later, I graduated at the Technical University of Sofia with a master thesis on gaming. In some ways, our industry is indeed different: We create experiences, fun and entertainment. We sell a product and a service that we all — everybody in the distribution chain — enjoy.

We sell emotions. JE: In some ways, our industry is indeed different: We create experiences, fun and entertainment. In terms of the daily work life, I honestly do not believe that it is much different from other industries. Are you planning any new focusses or sales strategies? Specific goals? JE: Frankly speaking, I do not want anything to change for our customers.

I hope that until now, they always felt they were in good hands with us and if you want to name it a goal, my only one is that we will make them feel even better in the future. Meaning that we would enforce the corporate resources, creativity and know how to extend the market outreach and product offerings, to enhance the popularity of new games and shorten the time to market of the most innovative new platforms and solutions.

But I also believe that customers would expect more flexibility and innovation with the launch of new product lines and an increased commitment to tailoring products and offers in order to enhance the competitiveness of the brand. SN: In my opinion, Jens has a strong knowledge about the industry and corporate processes and a very rational and wise approach to problem solving. All this is very important if you are managing sales processes in so many different jurisdictions.

JE: I only met Sonya about three years ago and all I can tell is that she is a real professional with probably the most profound technological knowledge I have seen so far… grins except for myself of course. And I will tell you a secret if you promise not to pass it on: She works very hard and all in all, there is a lot that I can learn from her. How has the industry changed since then? Maybe just one example — in the 90s my father used to queue on Sundays in the only betting shop in our neighbourhood to bet for his favourite soccer team.

Today, at the age of almost 70, he can bet online or via his mobile while watching a live sports event. JE: I guess that it is the same like in every other industry: With the introduction of the Internet, e-mail and smart phones, life has become so much faster and is not so relaxed anymore. When I think back to my first days with Bally, it sometimes feels unreal how my daily work has changed. There used to be only fax and maybe telex.

Every morning when I came to the office, there was a pile of paper in the fax machine: inquiries, orders, invoices etc. We had the whole day to answer them — which means we had a lot more time to take care of our customers back then. And then there is, of course, the rapid development of technologies, not only for gaming machines but also with regards to systems, linked progressives, online gaming, VLTs etc. I could go on for hours…! TWOG: … and where do you think we are heading in terms of customer experience? Picture yourself in a land-based casino in What does it look like?

Do they still exist? The game philosophy could be inspired by the natural aim of mankind to win the games against the robots and the more capable the machines become, the more genius and phenomenal people the world will see… Thus… just imagine the slot machines, the multi-dimensional interpretation of the images, sounds, motion and games immersion…! As I said — a truly magical experience.

JE: Considering the current speed of development in all areas of technologies, I believe that it will be possible by means of Virtual Reality for everyone to be able to create his or her own little casino at home and still enjoy the same offerings of entertainment that casinos currently offer.

The only exception might be the serving of food and drinks — but who knows, maybe there will even be a solution for that. But frankly speaking, I'm not sure that this is something I would personally favour as I do like the social components of our land-based casinos very much. SN: An interesting book to read. Not that I can — rather want to — use them on every trip but I have it with me in case I feel in the mood. TWOG: And when was the last time you actually used them? JE: That was a couple of days ago in Panama, on a sales trip. Easitrax Connect translates machine performance and payment transaction data into real-time insights that empower you to streamline your operations, deliver a frictionless player experience, and maximize the profitability of each and every one of your machines.

This is the smarter, faster and more profitable way of monitoring and managing your payment devices. Ab dem 1. Wir haben aber eine wirklich gute Beziehung zueinander und ich freue mich sehr darauf, als Team zusammenzuarbeiten. Jens — das muss schon eine Weile her sein? Gab es ein Leben davor? Aber ich habe in dieser kurzen Zeit viel gelernt, sowohl im Job als auch privat. Nach meinem Abschluss arbeitete ich drei Jahre als Spediteur — vor meinem Zivildienst, bei dem ich mit Blinden und Sehbehinderten arbeiten durfte.

Der Arbeitgeber war Bally Europe. SN: Ich glaube, dass man sich zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt der Reife im Leben und der beruflichen Erfahrung bewusst sein muss, was einen motiviert. Wir bieten nicht nur etwas, das der Kunde schlichtweg an seinen Kunden verkauft. Wir verkaufen Emotionen.

Was allerdings unseren Arbeitsalltag angeht, glaube ich ehrlich gesagt nicht, dass er sich stark. Plant Ihr neue Schwerpunkte oder Vertriebsstrategien? Spezielle Ziele? All dies ist enorm wichtig, wenn man Sales-Prozesse in so vielen unterschiedlichen Jurisdiktionen verwaltet. Und ich verrate hier ein Geheimnis: Sie arbeitet sehr hart und insgesamt kann ich auch viel von ihr lernen.

Wenn wir uns ein land-based Casino im Jahr vorstellen: Wie sieht es aus? Gibt es sie noch? Wie gesagt — eine wirklich magische Erfahrung. Denn ich mag die sozialen Komponenten unserer land-based Casinos schlichtweg sehr. Welchen Gegenstand habt Ihr dabei auch im Ausland stets bei Euch? SN: Ein interessantes Buch. TWOG: Und was hast du zuletzt gelesen? New highlights and the best of the classics make up this powerful package of top performers.

The Grand Roulette II was also on show, bringing a mechanical feel to an upright digital terminal. Ainsworth again featured on the stand at G2E Asia with an exciting line-up of products. During the exhibition, we welcomed guests, distributors, operators and partners, who were enthusiastic about the diverse NOVOMATIC product portfolio on display and our commitment to continued growth in the region. We are exploring a lot of interesting opportunities in the area, working closely with our local partners in Asia. Each game brings its own engaging features to the reels with bold graphics and dynamic gameplay.

We have a strong market share and great team in Peru, and our games continue to be very successful throughout the country. I am confident players will quickly take to our new games and links, increasing our presence even further in the market. The 11th NOVOMATIC Symposium once again provided an ideal platform for the international exchange of experiences and knowledge between the operations managers in selected thematic blocks with presentations and interactive sessions such as group workshops and group discussions. Alexander Sekanina, Head of Order Management of NOVOMATIC AG, who presented the results of the satisfaction analysis and spoke about the material planning process, order processing, equipment tracking and gaming machine identification, as well as the future research focus.

Finally, a group workshop took place on Dr. He gave deep insights into the world of sports betting and explained how sports betting can be successfully implemented. His presentation built the basis for the following group workshop on this topic. At the end of the Symposium, Dr. Alma Pupo summarized the key findings from the symposium and concluded that the 11th NOVOMATIC Symposium once again offered many opportunities for an interesting exchange of experiences and information, for further, successful cooperation.

Das Alexander Sekanina Leiter Order Management gehalten. Im Anschluss referierte Dr. Am Ende des Symposiums fasste Dr. The world is calling. Are you ready? With GLI you can be ready anytime the customer calls from anywhere in the world. Go with the only private lab whose certifications are accepted in every jurisdiction. GLI tests right the first time and saves you money so you can get to market faster. Beyond quality testing, GLI offers you the most markets for less money, with less risk. Wherever you want to take your product, we have a proven solution to get there.

A total of 60 marketing experts from Group units in 22 countries had followed the invitation to the headquarters in Gumpoldskirchen and the Novomatic Forum in Vienna. That is only one of the many reasons why I think that events like these are extremely important and useful. Only by doing so can we ensure sustainable brand management and responsible use of marketing budgets. Gerhard Hrebicek, President of the European Brand Institute, focused on brands and their value for companies.

That is why it's so fundamentally important to work together on the brand. After all, brands represent genuine intangible assets for companies and their value sometimes exceeds traditional assets such as plants, buildings and patents by far. With a brand value of EUR 3. Hannes Reichmann, Head of Group Operations Marketing, and Illya Welter, Head of Product Marketing, as well as numerous colleagues from the international marketing departments, presented existing corporate identity guidelines as well as national and international best practice examples. In six parallel workshop groups, the participants mapped down aspects that already charac-.

Darum ist es so grundlegend, gemeinsam an der Marke zu arbeiten. The Casino Carnevale, founded by a local entrepreneur in as a small electronic casino, has developed through the years into a modern casino resort that attracts numerous entertainment-lovers from Slovenia and Italy, with player positions, a 4-star superior hotel, a Mediterranean restaurant.

Therefore, a roadmap for staff training, the introduction of new machines and an infrastructural upgrade were carefully crafted. The casino was enlarged with a new open-air section that allows customers to smoke while they are playing, but also a new event venue where Bingo games and entertainment shows are organized. During the past two years, more than outdated slot machines were replaced with the latest NOVOMATIC technology, offering guests upgraded high-quality entertainment.

Finally, the whole premises were marked with the ADMIRAL brand, as a seal of quality that guarantees the best service and entertainment. To celebrate the re-opening of the renewed premises, a magnificent party was organized. To honor the Carnival theme, which has always been the theme of the Casino Carnevale, a magical show with dancers, fire performances and music was setup. Following a short re-opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, the evening evolved between dancing shows, music, delicious food and of course, high-quality gaming.

A very special moment was the donation of a Venetian-inspired painting created by an affectionate long-time guest of the casino, which will be publicly displayed in a special place at the casino. With pride and motivation, the whole Carnevale team now bets on a successful future!