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Isobel (song)

They much a different variety of clothes and styles and they are really comfort Read full reviews. Be Inspired Click on a photo to shop the look or add your own via the uploader below. You May Also Like. Customer Reviews:. You wouldn't tell me what it was, but you said you were thinking of telling your father. Immediately, Liz assumes that this means Isobel confessed to her sister that she, Max, and Michael are aliens. Maybe Rosa had already started putting the clues together.

Isobel Everett

Eventually, because she's a good scientist, Liz will explore other options for this secret Rosa apparently knew. Her first guess is certainly likely, but it's not the only possibility. In the flashback, Isobel wanted to run away with Rosa and held her hand while they stargazed, which makes it seem like Isobel could have had a crush on her. However, that doesn't explain why Rosa would then refer to Isobel as "rotten" and a hunter.

The show has dealt with homophobia before, but Rosa doesn't seem like that type of person.

Then again, there is that weird red paint that Isobel has all over her, and graffiti that has a UFO and the words "we're not alone" crossed out to read "we're all alone. It seems like a conflict betweeen nature and civilization, obviously favoring nature. Isobel represents the purity and solitude of nature, uncorrupted by dark things like lust and despair.

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The tower of steel seems figurative as well—a symbol of isolation from which nature will fight back against the evils of society. Also, the moth stanza was taken from a true or at least allegedly true occurrence that happened to Bjork. A moth landed on the collar of her shirt and did not leave for the entire day, even when she took the shirt off. This seems like another manifestation of the purity of nature. I also think that this has one of the most utterly beautiful instrumentations out of all her work.

Karma policeman. General Comment According to Bjork's site, this song is Part 2 in a 'song trilogy'. First is Human Behaviour, then Isobel, then Bachelorette. Same character, showing her development. I thought this was a neat piece of info to pass on. Flag Undefined90 on April 01, General Comment Another thing I noticed: The line "like me, like me" is the same notes used in a fox hunt reveille.

Sing the line in cut-time twice the speed and you'll notice it's the same thing.

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This is most likely intentional. It lends the sense of urgency that comes in the opening of the fox hunt It could also be tied to the more occult leaning of what I mentioned relating the "devoted to God" meaning of Isobel.

Clothing : Jackets : 'Isobel' White Waist Cinching Corset Jacket

ASO there again we have a Luciferian connection. Lucifer's reasoning is almost exactly equitable with Nature's tendencies: both act according to God's prescriptions solely and completely It was God's orders that the angels serve not just God but Man as well. Lucifer defied God by wanting only to serve God and not Man. So here we have that connection with the self-absorbed, self-serving, mechanical-nature of the Self evident in the lyrics Nature is in its steel-wrought "Ivory Tower" unempathetic to the needs of the world servicing only the philosophy implied by its own Nature So yes, "like me, like me" is the "girl" that is "speaking" these lyrics.

This "girl" is the "fox" that the World is hunting for to either lustfully devour or masculinely control.