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The series, which Asimov always maintained was what he most enjoyed writing, ceased only with Asimov's death.

Enjoy scifi? Please spread the word :)

A th essay, "A Way of Thinking" December was put together by his widow Janet Asimov based on their discussions, but a more appropriate final one appeared as "Yours Isaac Asimov" January extracted from the book Yours, Isaac Asimov: A Lifetime of Letters assembled by his brother, Stanley Asimov It did, however, run the long series of punning and shaggy-dog stories known as Feghoots , written by Reginald Bretnor as Grendel Briarton. It was on its way to becoming a more orthodox sf magazine, though it had first to pass through the even more idiosyncratic editorship of Avram Davidson which ran from April to November Davidson rarely settled and spent much of his time as editor in Mexico, and the young Edward L Ferman came in as managing editor, to assemble the issues in New York.

Davidson made the magazine peculiarly his own. It became impractical for Davidson to continue editing the magazine at long distance, and from December Joseph Ferman nominally took over as editor; in practice his son, Edward Ferman was really producing the magazine in all but name, and had been since the November issue, though the first for which he felt fully in control was for May He remained editor for the next 26 years, also succeeding his father as publisher from November He introduced Judith Merril as the regular book columnist from March It was during Ferman's long run that the magazine consolidated itself, keeping the character of the past with the need to reflect the present and look to the future.

Awards for fiction

It managed to avoid the odder excesses of the New Wave and yet published first-class material by people associated with it, such as Thomas M Disch and John Sladek , and the new wave of American talent, notably Samuel Delany and Roger Zelazny. In the magazine sponsored a novel-writing contest won by Piers Anthony with Sos the Rope July-September ; Ferman was welcoming to British writers, and even assembled an all-British issue April Ferman also retained the eccentric and idiosyncratic with contributors like Harvey Jacobs , R A Lafferty and the linguistically challenging Felix Gotschalk.

The s began in the same way but brought a new challenge. There was a similar, but not quite so intense rivalry from Omni.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

In Ferman handed the editorial reins to Kristine Kathryn Rusch , twenty-three years his junior, which had an immediate impact on the magazine. Under Rusch's editorship many readers claimed to detect a change in the "feel" of the magazine, as Rusch introduced a greater element of dark fantasy and horror, as best exemplified by "The Night We Buried Road Dog" January by Jack Cady. It was also during her tenure that Isaac Asimov died; the loss of his column, which had added significantly to the magazine's personality, was not easy to replace. His successors have included Gregory Benford and Bruce Sterling.

Also, Algis Budrys , who had been the magazine's lead book reviewer since , stepped down in He was succeeded by John Kessel who stepped down in to be followed by Robert Killheffer sometimes alternating with Elizabeth Hand and James Sallis.

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This recovery is due to the change to Gordon Van Gelder as editor in June and as publisher from He began to restore some of the magazine's distinctiveness, and though he still ran Hard SF on occasions, the magazine's emphasis shifted towards a broader range of fantasy and thereby regaining its own voice. Van Gelder's biggest challenge was how to deal with the drop in circulation that was afflicting all Print Magazines. To reduce costs Van Gelder switched to bimonthly publication from April , but increased the page count from to with a corresponding price rise. Avon Fantasy Reader, No.

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Naomi Kritzer’s short fiction

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Editor’s Note for Jan/Feb 2017

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