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The first verse has, however, no mediation, because of the brevity the one word Magnificat of the first half. The Canticles of Mary and of Zachary share even in the Office of the Dead the peculiar honour of commencing every verse with an initium or intonation.

This intonation varies for the varying modes; and the Magnificat has a special solemn intonation for the second, seventh, and eighth modes, although in this case the usual festive intonation applies, in the second and eighth modes, to all the verses except the first. The "musical", as distinguished from the "plainsong", treating of the canticle has been very varied.

Sometimes the chanted verses alternated with harmonized plainsong , sometimes with falso bordone having original melodies in the same mode as the plain song. But there are innumerable settings which are entirely original, and which run through the whole range of musical expression, from the simplest harmony up to the most elaborate dramatic treatment, with orchestral accompaniment of the text.

Almost every great church composer has worked often and zealously on this theme. Palestrina published two settings in each of the eight modes, and left in manuscript almost as many more. Fifty settings by Orlando di Lasso are in the Royal Library at Munich , and tradition credits him with twice as many more.

In Anglican services the Magnificat receives a musical treatment not different from that accorded to the other canticles, and therefore quite dissimilar to that for Catholic Vespers , in which the length of time consumed in incensing the altar allows much greater musical elaboration. A glance through the pages of Novello's catalogue of "Services" leads to the estimate of upwards of one thousand settings of the Magnificat for Anglican services by a single publishing house.

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Altogether, the estimate of Krebbiel that this canticle "has probably been set to music oftener than any hymn in the liturgy" seems well within the truth. Patrum et Doctorum super Canticum "Magnificat", etc. Louis, , gives bi columnar trans. Luke's Gospel, tr. Louis, , gives a metrical version of the canticle, and in the preface proposes metrical versions for use by Catholics; ALLAN in SHIPLEY, Carmina Mariana, 2nd series London, , , a poetical commentary on each verse of the Magnificat—this volume gives other poems in English dealing either with the canticles or with the Visitation 17, , ; cf.

London, , Magnificat ; , col. Strasburg, , , gives in great detail the antiphons derived from the Magnificat, the feasts to which assigned, etc. Francis, Wis. APA citation. Henry, H. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. MLA citation. Henry, Hugh. New York: Robert Appleton Company, With thanks to St.


Mary's Church, Akron, Ohio. Ecclesiastical approbation. Nihil Obstat. October 1, Remy Lafort, Censor. Farley, Archbishop of New York. Contact information.

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