Manual 50 Things to Know About Going Green: Simple Changes to Start Today

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  1. Going Green: 60 Earth Day Tips You Can Use Every Day
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  4. 50 Ways to Make Your Business Greener This Year

Do: Return plastic bags to stores. Find a local spot at plasticbagrecycling. Do: Rinse out bottles, jars, and cans; throw away or recycle caps. Don't: Worry about labels — they'll burn off at the plant. Do: Include washed pie tins and foil, metal bottle caps, wire coat hangers, scrap metal. Don't: Make the town dump your first stop. One person's trash is another's treasure — so when you want to ditch an old item, first try freecycle.

Permanently place a recycling box an arm's length from your mail bin so you can toss any remaining junk mail pronto. Pay bills online, or set up automatic check paying from your bank account. No envelopes, no postage — and no late fees, if you're on an automatic plan. Over time, you'll buy — and dispose of — fewer containers. Instead, follow the markings as directed on the label. The best-tested L.

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Bean Flip-Top Lunch Box plus some ice packs , above, keeps contents nice and cool. Frequently the impetus was thrift, but Good Housekeeping has given "green" advice since the magazine started in Here, five blasts from our past, updated for the 21st century. THEN: "All women should have personal knowledge of the sources of the home's supplies. It is not necessary to go every day to one's butcher's and grocer's, but an acquaintance with the tradesmen themselves is a necessity to good living.

NOW: Just plug in your zip code at eatwellguide. THEN: "Foods do not cook faster when they boil violently. If you turn down heat when boiling begins, you'll use less fuel, and foods won't boil over or burn dry. NOW: The advice still makes sense — as does matching the pan size to the burner element. A six-inch pan on an eight-inch electric burner, for instance, will waste more than 40 percent of the heat produced, and food will take longer to cook.

THEN: "Grease from fingers or food is bad for your refrigerator door's rubber gasket. Wash it with soap and water. Don't make [your freezer] work overtime by making more ice cubes than needed.

Going Green: 60 Earth Day Tips You Can Use Every Day

NOW: These days there's a good chance your icemaker shuts off automatically. And more important than cleaning the gasket: dusting the coils underneath or on the back side of the fridge accumulated dust can cause the motor to overheat and cost more to run.

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Unplug the appliance, and use your vacuum's crevice attachment or flat long-handled brush to carefully remove dust. THEN: "Daily cooking produces grease, smoke, and odors that can cause eye and nose irritation. To remove cooking pollutants, a ceiling or a wall exhaust fan and two types of range hoods — vented and ventless — are available. It will automatically adjust the heat or the air-conditioning to match your daily patterns.

10 Ways to Green Your Business and Save Money

Want to do better? Standard washing machines use 40 gallons of water per load. If American households were more judicious about laundry, each year they would save enough water to fill more than 7 million swimming pools. When you do wash, put full loads saving 3, gallons of water a year in cold water. Free lint bunnies. The average U. A dirty lint filter can use 30 percent more energy to get the job done.

Plug in a laptop, not a desktop.

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In the market for a new computer? A laptop uses about half the energy of its desktop counterpart. Curtail junk mail. If everyone in the United States reduced the junk mail he receives every week, million trees would be spared each year. Go to optoutprescreen.

Green Business Ideas

Buy green power from your utility. In many states, you can opt to purchase renewable energy from your local power company for a few extra dollars a month. Then rest easy knowing the light you read by comes from your wind- or methane-powered lamp. Turn off the tap. The average faucet releases about three gallons of water a minute, so shut it off while you brush your teeth or shave. Use a water-filter pitcher. Get a Brita water-filter pitcher bedbathandbeyond. Install a better showerhead. If you have a wrench, you can preserve the diminishing fresh-water supply and reduce expensive water-heating costs.

Bonus: The added air makes the pressure feel greater, too. Skip red meat once a week. Eat less of it and choose pasture-fed, sustainably raised beef whenever you can. If you alone gave it up once every seven days, you would save the gallons of fresh water it takes to produce a single serving.

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Clean up your dishwasher. Whether you work in a traditional office, at home or another setting, access to natural light can help you conserve energy. Make sure you have windows that are unobstructed so you can use less artificial light and heat. For any banking or other accounts you hold, sign up for paperless billing so you get statements via email instead of wasting paper.

When printing your own items, make sure everything is absolutely essential before using up paper on hard copies. Save other documents to the cloud. There are also plenty of recycled paper options you can purchase to cut down on the resources needed for those items you do have to print. To encourage others to save paper as well, you can put a simple reminder in the signature of your emails to ask people to only print essential emails. To cut down on bottled water use or paper cups in your office, you could distribute reusable bottles or thermoses to employees so they can just refill those instead.

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You can also save money and resources by sending out less direct mail from your business. You can better manage the electricity use in your business by connecting devices to power strips. For some devices, you might also be able to turn on sleep mode so that they turn off automatically when not in use. There are also some energy efficient electronics and appliances that you can get for your office to cut down on the amount of energy needed to run them.

You can also buy energy efficient light bulbs that last longer and throw more light with less energy. During the summer months, increase the temperature on your thermostat a couple of degrees. And then decrease the temperature during the winter to save on heating and cooling.

50 Ways to Make Your Business Greener This Year

There are also some smart thermostats that can adjust to your office habits and help you save money and use less energy overall. You might even consider enacting a four-day work week for your staff so they can all cut down on their commutes each week. If you ever have to travel to meetings or have people travel to meet with you, consider having those meetings online instead to cut down on transportation.