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  1. 11 Best Vegetarian Salad Recipes | Easy Vegetarian Salad Recipes
  2. A Salad a Day Keeps Disease and Aging at Bay
  3. 1. A Natural Source of Fiber
  4. Top 20 Healthy Salad Toppings

11 Best Vegetarian Salad Recipes | Easy Vegetarian Salad Recipes

Marinara sauce is a fraction of the calories of cream-based dipping sauces, so enjoy! Not all cheeses are created equal, and mozzarella is lower in sodium than other popular varieties, making it a great option for stocking up on calcium, phosphorus, and protein. Suffering chicken breast fatigue? This sweet-and-spicy Hawaiian spin will knock you right out of it.

A Salad a Day Keeps Disease and Aging at Bay

This isn't your ordinary quesadilla: Goat cheese's full, creamy taste means you can use less queso without sacrificing flavor. Research suggests that the isoflavones in soy foods may help decrease fat accumulation in the body. There's evidence that consuming vinegar like in this salad can aid weight loss. Its acetic acid helps suppress body fat accumulation. The omega-3 fatty acids in the canned salmon are known to help reduce inflammation—which could help you lose weight, too.

Make the most of summer produce with berries and tomatoes, while the lean protein from the chicken breast will keep you full and satisfied. The horseradish gives this sandwich tons of flavor without piling on unhealthy spreads that can rack up the calorie count. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Wild Rice Salad

How To Do Calf Raises. Which of the following comes to mind when you hear the words "weight-loss lunch": A.

1. A Natural Source of Fiber

For an easy grilled dinner, cook some chicken, fish or veggie burgers alongside the vegetables. The combination of slightly smoky grilled eggplant and sweet tomatoes is delightful.

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The eggplant-tomato mixture served over whole-wheat pasta with fresh basil and a bit of salty cheese makes an easy, healthy weeknight dinner. Grilled eggplant and sausage are paired with chopped fresh tomatoes and served over creamy polenta in this easy summer dinner. Swap the polenta for whole-wheat pasta for a faster meal.

You can get the same effect by broiling the eggplant for about 4 minutes per side. Serve over creamy polenta for an easy healthy dinner, or swap in whole-wheat pasta for the polenta for a faster weeknight supper. This healthy fish recipe from chef Mike Lata is made with banded rudderfish, which is an amberjack--a species coveted in sushi restaurants, where it's known by its Japanese name, hamachi. Lata's love affair with the Italian dish vitello tonnato cold sliced veal with tuna sauce started with a glorious one he had in Milan. He's found the sauce to be a great way to use the scraps that result from butchering whole fish.

He serves thicker versions over cold poached meats and thinner ones like this over vegetables and salads. Guacamole meets chickpeas for a Cali-Middle East mashup in this healthy avocado hummus recipe. This crowd-pleasing and easy dinner recipe takes just 20 minutes to make, start to finish, so it's perfect for weeknights!

When tomatoes are at their in-season best, just a quick chop and a few ingredients are all you need to make a spaghetti sauce in minutes. Store-bought chicken meatballs keep the low-effort theme going all the way to the table. Serve these vegetables and super-lemony hummus with warm pita bread and a sprinkle of fruity za'atar, and you'll be transported to the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv, Israel's iconic Mediterranean coastal city. This is the perfect healthy appetizer or element of a party board for any gathering. Sweet potato fingerlings or small wedges blister and caramelize on the grill.

All they need is a final toss with a little butter and a blend of orange zest and mint and you have a healthy side dish that's anything but ordinary. For this healthy side dish recipe, kale bundles are grilled and topped with an easy sauce. Rainbow carrots are a feast for the eyes in this healthy and easy side dish, although any colors will be just as tasty. If you like, save some of the carrot greens for garnish.

Masabacha is a thick stew that in this case serves as the backbone to a hearty and healthy breakfast bowl. But the real star here is the silky whipped tahini sauce, made by simply pureeing tahini and water with garlic and lemon juice until the mixture is transformed into a light, spreadable sauce. Serve with warm pita and some vegetables for dipping.

Celebrate spring with this colorful and crunchy fresh salsa recipe! The healthy relish is a fabulous accompaniment for grilled fish, pork, chicken or beef. You Can leave out the eggs from the recipe.

Top 20 Healthy Salad Toppings

A Thai-inspired salad that's made with everything green, olive oil, salt and pepper. Healthy, refreshing and ever-so delightful, this recipe should be up on every fitness enthusiast's diet chart. Green Apple Salad is a Thai inspired salad made with everything green and healthy. A salad with different textures, nuts, vinegar, cherry tomatoes , crunchy lettuce and Chinese cabbage. Leafy greens are a good source of fibre and essential antioxidants. Fibre makes you feel full and keep cravings at bay. The only other things you need are beetroot , feta cheese , pepper, green olives, cilantro and just a pinch of salt.

Carrots, thyme, walnuts, wine vinegar, raisins and a few more ingredients give you a salad that's slightly sweet, crunchy and a winner of a dish. A whole lot of green, carrots and cucumber shredded real fine, cherry tomatoes and a mix of black and green olives. A refreshing salad that needs only around 20 minutes. Watermelon cubes, cucumbers, onions , pomegranate juice, mustard paste and a few more basic ingredients you'll find stocked somewhere in your kitchen cabinets.

4 Healthy Salad Recipes For Weight Loss - Easy Salad Recipes

This one's a real power-booster. Quinoa is rich in protein, is cholesterol-free, gluten-free and a low GI food.

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It is an excellent source of various important phytochemicals and Vitamin E. It is rich in healthy fats too. Rich with weight loss-friendly protein and fibres, this fresh spin on salad is sure to impress. This salad is made with the goodness of dried beans, capsicum and tomatoes dressed in sweet and sour flavours, and is perfect for days you want keep it light.