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Will (philosophy) - Wikipedia

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Choose who will receive your property.

January 12, It names an executor who will be in charge of guiding the estate through the probate process, and in the case of families, it will most likely name a guardian or guardians to raise a couple's minor children if they should die in a common event. So how and when do all these individuals find out that they're named in the will?

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In many cases, they'll receive a copy of it. Movies, television, and books might depict scenes involving "the reading of the will," but this is purely a fictional scenario.

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It doesn't happen in real life, at least not in the current day and age. Estate attorneys were in the habit of gathering the family in their offices to read the will out loud in days gone by because not all people were literate.

  • A "reading of the will" is a thing of the past;
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  • They might not be able to read the will on their own. But no state currently requires a "will reading" as of Some estate attorneys will elect to gather everyone to receive a will copy if they think there might be some confusion or conflict over the will's terms. The estate attorney will determine who's entitled to receive a copy of the will and send it to these individuals. The most obvious people to receive a copy are the executor, the beneficiaries, and any guardians named in the will.

    Will (philosophy)

    The estate's accountant, if any, will need a copy so she can understand what the will says about the payment of claims , and compensation for the executor and professionals enlisted to help with probate, such as herself and the attorney. Claims can be filed against the estate by creditors and taxes might be due, and the accountant will have to know about any provisions for payment.

    State law dictated who receives a copy of a "pour-over" will when the deceased also had a revocable living trust. This type of will effectively catches any assets or property that were left out of the trust by error or omission, and it typically directs the executor to move or "pour" these assets into the trust at the time of death.